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The definition of rail travel: a journey made by train.

Railroads emerged in the 19th century as the first widely available means of fast land transportation and have put their mark on most countries and cities. The availability and quality of rail infrastructure varies greatly between countries. 

It's no secret that I love train travel and there is nothing better than taking a trip on either an iconic or heritage train. I've taken long haul trips over a couple of days and I've taken short tips that last a few hours. 

Sitting on a train, looking through the windows at the scenery outside is one of the greatest pleasures of travel. Where there are no roads and you are chugging through the scenery, you have the time to really study the environment. There is always something special about observing the backyards as we pass by; somehow these small snippets provide a snapshot of a city that only I can see. 

Apart from intercity travel by train, I have taken many iconic and heritage rail trips, which have provided an insight into the history and geography of a place. Click on the images below to share some of my favourite rail journeys.

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