the road trip

The definition of a road trip is:  a long distance journey made by car (or motorbike), usually for recreational purposes.

For as long as I can remember, our family holidays were made up of road trips of varying lengths and destinations. Annual treks along the Newell Highway from Queensland to Victoria whilst towing a caravan could provide enough material for a 'How Not-To' manual, whilst a memorable trip along Highway 1 to Cairns with a great-uncle on board, and an unforgettable trip through Europe have influenced many of my holiday choices over the years. 

Whilst I often take guided bus tours for many of my holiday destinations, there is nothing like hiring a car and hitting the open road alone or with a group of friends to explore places that are not necessarily on the beaten track.

I want to share some of my open road experiences here; some are finely-tuned to the last minute, whilst others are totally unplanned. I have travelled on highways, byways, dirt tracks, and iconic roads, with one main objective in mind: to see as much as I can.

There is a true sense of freedom when I sit behind the wheel of a car, set the GPS, release the hand-brake, ease the accelerator, and hum 'I'm on the Road Again' to myself.

Click on the images below to read about my most-loved road trips.

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