'We don't meet people by accident.
They are meant to cross our path for a reason

Even chance meetings are the result of Karma... 

Things in life are fated by our previous lives.

That even in the smallest events, there is no such thing as coincidence.'

- Haruki Murakami -

​During my travels, I've been lucky to meet a number of people, many of whom have gained recognition for their influence or for their life achievements. I've met them because I've been in the right place at the right time. I've met musicians, authors, artists, photographers, and even an astronaut. Chance or planned encounters or otherwise unusual or unique experiences often add an extraordinary element to the travel adventure.

Perhaps fate leads one to a place or an event that provides an experience that will remain forever. Such encounters must be exploited when they present themselves.

It is not just 'famous' or celebrity meetings that provide the best stories. Sometimes a conversation with a stranger, or a snippet of information, or a throwaway remark, can open one's world to something that is unexpected. One thing is for sure! You must have a sense of adventure and you must be open to changing plans without putting yourself at risk.

'Postcards from...' is a collection of stories. Stories about people, places, and things that have turned the ordinary travel experience into something extraordinary for me. These personal encounters may get lost within the overall itinerary, but oftentimes these are the events that define a trip; the things that are remembered and discussed over the years; the things that become family 'urban legends'.

 Here are some of my stories, which include chance meetings with special people and unexpected events, which have provided me with opportunities and experiences that are truly unique. To me.  

APRIL 2018



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