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'Dream about the days to come'

Sitting in the Qantas lounge at Tullamarine, I realise that, despite the challenges I have faced so far this year, stepping back and taking a break from everything can be therapeutic. I hope so anyway.

This time last week, I honestly did not think I would get everything done before my departure date of 15 May 2024, but I am here and waiting for my flight to take me to Dallas Fort Worth for the first day of my most recent holiday. By the way, I didn't get everything done; I just had to decide what things I didn't want to do! :)

For the first three weeks of this holiday, it seems that every minute of every day is planned to the last minute and it is. Between Narrelle, with whom I am travelling for this first part of this trip, and I, we have decided to conquer the Deep South. More on that later....

After midnight last night, I averted two disasters.

  1. My suitcase disintegrated. Not from overpacking, but possibly from overuse. I had previously hand-sewn parts of the zip. But that wasn't the problem. other bits have departed from the body of the case, so fortunately, I had a spare and I realised that once a case is packed, it takes little time to transfer the stuff. I can be sorta kinda comfortable that this case will withstand the rigours of airports until its not. Boy, I loved that yellow case - not for its design, but for the colour.

  2. I almost left my driver's licence. If you don't intend to drive overseas, this is not a problem. Something was niggling at me and at 2AM, I checked my wallet one last time and realised the slot where my licence usually goes was empty. Disaster averted.

You will hear from me soon, but for now, I am going to get my head into flight mode along with my devices and have a long nana nap for the fifteen hours I will be airborne.

Check back often. I'm sure I will find some time to add some updates on where I am and what I am doing.

Title Quote: John Denver, 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'

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