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It's a long way from Melbourne to LA

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

This trip to North America was meant to happen in September/October 2020. But we all know what happened then.

So, finally I'm at the airport and waiting for my boarding call for my flight to LA after a seamless check-in and pass through security. Despite it being school holidays, I'm surprised that the chaos of previous holiday periods is non-existent this evening; in fact there are fewer people here tonight than I have ever seen during holiday time.

Have you ever passed someone and instantly know that you know them from sometime in your past? That happened to me at Melbourne Airport this evening. I met someone I worked with 41 years ago way back when I was a teacher in Reservoir. The amazing thing is that even after such a long time, neither of us must have changed a lot because we recognised each other instantly.

As I board the flight tonight, I hope that this trip brings an end to the harsh restrictions that we have lived with over the past two-and-a-half years and that we can try to claim back our ability to follow our travel dreams.

Stay tuned as I travel across USA by plane, train, and automobile.

I'm excited!!

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