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The definition of a short stay is: a  visit to a place in which you go there and stay typically in a hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation that serves as a base for exploring and sightseeing either alone or with other people.

Typically, a short stay holiday may incorporate a long weekend or it may be a specific destination to attend an event or participate in an activity. The short stays included here are different to the stay-cation because they involve hotel, B&B, or AirBnb accommodation.

Hotel short stays serve an important part of some of my longer holidays. Oftentimes, I'll arrive at the starting point of a tour a few days in advance with the intention to explore a city and its surrounding areas ahead of the tour. It also provides the ability to visit places not included in a formal tour, but those that I would like to visit nonetheless.

Hotel staff are generally very helpful with day tour bookings or with general information about the local areas, including advice about restaurants and public transport.

Click on the icons below to read about some of my most interesting short stay holidays.


Street Art, Penang



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