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The word, Scotland, conjures up visions of bleak highlands, battles, kilts, and Billy Connolly. We only saw the highlands!  After visiting Scotland briefly in the past, we decided to start in Glasgow and drive wherever the  mood took us. Unfortunately, it was  the second week in August. Apart from  football games, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, The  Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and various other summer activities, we quickly realised that getting accommodation before 4pm was probably the most important thing for us to do.  Each day brought a new challenge. sightseeing was secondary to finding a place for a night. Next time, I would have a firm itinerary and pre-booked accommodation because we missed out on visiting some of the more iconic places in Scotland, simply because we had to keep driving. Fortunately, we got a couple of nights accommodation in John O'Groats, giving me the opportunity to visit the Orkney Islands. We managed to do part of the North Coast 500 iconic drive. The west coast was beautiful, but impossible to find accommodation. We missed Skye, but found a real gem in Campbeltown, and managed to find the Mull of Kintyre and its Paul McCartney connection.

Here are some of my stories.

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